Vocabulary Online Translators

Online translators acquired notoriety and a reputation for error-clogged translations.

And, Spanish teachers warn students to avoid these free “Online Tools.”

For good reason. These translators…

  • Translate “Word-for-Word” and and fail to convey the correct meaning
  • The translators fail to parse; i.e., diagram sentences with the correct part of speech or the correct meaning, missing required items such as direct-object pronouns
  • The translations throw in verb tenses that Spanish teachers know the students do not know…and would not be able to use correctly. For example, the correct tense for the subjunctive mood
  • The translators take slang and idioms at their literal meaning. Fro example, is a “Hot job prospect,” the same as a “Hot date?”

However, translators from Spanish to English and English to Spanish can function as “On the Fly,” interactive flash cards. The drawback, you have to copy and paste or type the words.

But, online translators can be fun when studying…and joking in group study.

From: Profesora Chmielewski