Look no Further – Think in Pictures

Vocabulary words that connect to mental pictures activate visual areas of our brains…increasing our abiliity to retain the word and meaning.

And, using more of our brain capacity when we study a language increases our learning success.

Language students that see pictures (think in pirctures) gravitate towards connecting words with pictures. But, everyone can use this study strategy.

Making Connections

Visualization strategies make connecting images with nouns (people, places, things) a natural process, but seem less reliable for learning verbs (actions, states of being). Visualizing verb conjugations…in a language like Spanish…where the word ending changes 49 ways…is a poor choice for visualation strategies…unless you enjoy a photographic memory.

Present Indicative: Imperfect: Preterite: Future:
  • yo platico
  • tú platicas
  • él/usted platica
  • nosotros platicamos
  • vosotros platicáis
  • ellos/ustedes platican
  • yo platicaba
  • tú platicabas
  • él/usted platicaba
  • nosotros platicábamos
  • vosotros platicabais
  • ellos/ustedes platicaban
  • yo platicé
  • tú platicaste
  • él/usted platicó
  • nosotros platicamos
  • vosotros platicasteis
  • ellos/ustedes platicaron
  • yo platicaré
  • tú platicarás
  • él/usted platicará
  • nosotros platicaremos
  • vosotros platicaréis
  • ellos/ustedes platicarán
Conditional: Imperative: Present Subjunctive: Imperfect Subjunctive:
  • yo platicaría
  • tú platicarías
  • él/usted platicaría
  • nosotros platicaríamos
  • vosotros platicaríais
  • ellos/ustedes platicarían
  • tú platica
  • él/usted platice
  • nosotros platicemos
  • vosotros platicad
  • ellos/ustedes platicen
  • yo platice
  • tú platices
  • él/usted platice
  • nosotros platicemos
  • vosotros platicéis
  • ellos/ustedes platicen/li
  • yo platicara
  • tú platicaras
  • él/usted platicara
  • nosotros platicáramos
  • vosotros platicarais
  • ellos/ustedes platicaran
Gerund: Past Participle:
  • platicando
  • platicado

Try turning this block of word endings (the endings in bold) into pictures…

And, “platicar” is a regular verb. Some verbs change the stem (the first part of the verb), as well as the ending.

From: Profesora Chmielewski