Total Physical Response (TPR)

Acting Out Vocabulary

The Total Physical Response (TPR) strategy is a fancy name for “Acting out the Words.”

Total Physical Response – Story (TPR-S) is a variation where you “Act out the Words by using the words in a story.”

This strategy may seem “Childlike” to many “Intellectuals,” but the logic behind the process makes sense.

If “Hand Written” Flash Cards deliver stronger learning results because the writing connects body movements to the words (Tactile and Proprioceptive Learning), the full-body movements should prove even stronger.

You may wish to practice TPR or TPR-S in private.

But, study group TPR adds fun, humor, and interpersonal connections to the words.

And, variations such as pantomime guessing games can add visual clues and visual associations to your internalized meaning for the vocabulary words.

TPR and TPR-S function better with concrete, real-world words that label physical objects and observable behaviors.

Use other techniques for words about mental-type words.

For example, here are some difficult-to-act-out concepts…

  • Mind
  • Intellect
  • Idea
  • Intuition
  • Mirage
  • Soul

Go Ahead – Dare to Do!

TPR and TPR-S also prepare you for the Language Learning target for studying Spanish; i.e., Communicating with Native Speakers!

Acting out words prepares you for making the expressions and gestures that you must make habit if you are to become fluent in Spanish.

Breaking out of the “Shell of Silence” and feeling the “Freedom of Expression” that confidence brings is one outcome of practicing the Total Physical Response technique. So, learning vocabulary fast with TPR and TPR-S!

From: Profesora Chmielewski