Lesson Targets

Lesson Targets

Understand, Know and Comprehend:

  • Repeat
  • Recite
  • Recall
  • Identify
  • Tell
  • Give Examples

Communicate and Collaborate:

  • Interview
  • Observe and Assess with Checklists and Rubrics, Evaluate, Report,
  • Write sentences, notes, letters, dialogs, scripts


  • Do
  • Exhibit Language Skills
  • Manipulate Words and Ideas
  • Present a Cultural Project
  • Use Personal Information to Comunicate

Integrate Knowing, Thinking and Communicating:

  • Combine Words into Sentences
  • Connect Ideas
  • Convert Personal Information into Spanish
  • Create Diagrams and Mind Maps
  • Link Related Concepts and Ideas

Creative Expression, Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving:

  • Adapt to Spanish Conventions
  • Compose Sentences, Notes, Dialogs

Cultural Insight and Sensitivity:

  • Be Aware of
  • Collaborate
  • Comment
  • Comply with Etiquete and Grammar
  • Demonstrate
  • Describe
  • Examine Beliefs and Stereotypes
  • Respect
  • Respond Sensitively
  • Share Experiences and Reactions
From: Profesora Chmielewski

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